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It was great to see you all at tryouts on Sunday!

We saw some terrific, talented young men who are sure to make an impression at tournaments next Summer.  You will be notified if you made the Dawgs.  Until then, please stay tuned and accept our appreciation for taking interest in what we feel is one of the PREMIER lacrosse clubs in Pennsylvania.  - Thank You


  • September 17:  Important Update Regarding the U13 Dawgs

    Hello Dawgs,

    After much deliberation and discussion, the Central PA Dawgs has decided to discontinue offering a team at the U13 level. Due to the number of new programs and the limited number of players available, we decided to focus our energies on the U15 and High School level Dawgs.

    Coaching changes for 2015:

    • 2016 team - Coach Dave Webster (Dickinson College) and assistant TBD
    • 2017 team - Coach Jeff Gatano (Palmyra High School) and assistant TBD
    • 2018 team - Coach Nathan Bussard and Coach Chuck Moran (Carlisle High School) and assistant TBD
    • 2019 team (U15) - Coach Chris Newman (Cumberland Valley Middle School) and assistant TBD

    Thank You to all who have participated in U13, and to those who were planning to join us at that level this year. Please join us for U15 Dawgs, as we will continue to ratchet up the level of play and expose our teams to some of the best competition in the country. 

    Chris Newman
    Program Director
    Central PA Dawgs Lacrosse
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Important Message Regarding the Dawgs Program

    Hello Dawgs,

    We'd like to say "thanks" for all of the requests for information about our tryout schedule for the 2015 Summer Season. That tells us that you are very interested in the Dawgs. It also tells us that there are a lot of clubs who are already announcing tryouts as early as this September (YIKES!). So, that being said, we thought we should keep everyone up-to-speed on how the Dawgs club works... basically when and why we do what we do.

    Tryouts for Summer / Fall, 2015:
    We hold our tryouts in the late Fall and again in the Spring.
    Players will be competing for spots to play in tournaments in the ensuing Summer and Fall.
    First Tryout: December 7th, 2014 at Dickinson College.
    Second Tryout: Mid to late Spring (TBD).

    It is highly advised to tryout at our first session in the late Fall. This is due to our steady increase in numbers. So basically, depending on how many players tryout in the late Fall, we may fill positions on all of the teams early, thus rendering the Spring tryout obsolete for those positions. Some clubs hold tryouts now, and try and lock you in through this Fall, next Spring and Summer. This is with hopes of securing your sons and your money for an entire year.

    Club lacrosse trends change all the time, so the future may dictate our policies at some point. Until then, we want your sons to experience life and other sports in addition to lacrosse. We also want to allow cushion in the schedule so players can attend some showcases. Sometimes it requires taking a little break to let that happen. Besides, we strongly prefer NOT to interfere with the Spring school season, when players should be playing and gelling with their school teammates.

    The Dawgs do not exist to lighten your checking account. We offer some of the best coaching and facilities in Central Pennsylvania. We train our players hard with hopes that they may have the opportunity to extend their play beyond high school while getting a great education at a top college or university. So far, we have a very good record of doing that, and we don't need to own your son to do it.
    NOTE: 14 Dawgs from 2014 class will be playing in college this year!

    We hope this helps you understand us a little better, but please never hesitate to contact us and ask us whatever you want. See our website for all of our latest news. On the website you'll find even more ways to follow us more closely, through Facebook, Twitter and by subscribing to our email news. It's all accessible at www.dawgslacrosse.com

    Thanks All, and we'll see you very soon!

    Chris Newman
    Program Director
    Central PA Dawgs Lacrosse
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Roanoke-70Roanoke Winter Showcase

Jan. 3-4th, 2015:  Roanoke College
-- High School Boys, Grades 9-12
-- Learn More on the Website... 

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