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Fall Ball Tournaments & Showcases




Brine Fall Ball
National Recruiting Tournament
Sunday, November 8th

  • DAWGS Fall Ball Recap by Coach Newman

    I wanted to extend my thanks to those players and families that participated with the Dawgs this past weekend at the Brine Fall Ball tournament at St. Paul's and the Fairgrounds. From what I saw and was told, the Dawgs future is very bright. Some of the highlights of the weekend - The Dawgs I team was gracious enough to play an additional game to accommodate a team that only had two games due to a late drop out. The new schedule came out and I saw our opponents. My first thought was "It's going to be a tough weekend." We were facing St. Mary's Ryken, a well known team in Maryland; St. Paul's Varsity, a nationally ranked team, Lax Factory 2016, a strong club team in MD and Blax Lax Speed, a newer club from Baltimore. I had sent out a notice to the team to let them know of the changes and to be prepared. I could not have been more pleased.

    St. Mary's Ryken - we played them tough. They had some talented players and the Dawgs held firm. Score at halftime - 2-1. SMR went on to win 6-3, but the boys were proud as they knew they had played well.

    St. Paul's I - watching them warm up was impressive. Big, strong, both hands, and not to mention a top 10 DI coach in attendance watching a few of his recruits. The boys played very well. We even had one of our players get a tweet about him from a writer for TopLacrosseRecruits.com. Our own Nick Sherrif made some outstanding saves versus St. Paul's. Halftime score - 3-1, St. Paul's. We would eventually go down to defeat; final score 7-3. Even though we lost, all of us knew we played well and fought hard. It was a total team effort and it was a great experience to witness.

    Lax Factory 2016 - big, strong and talented. Once again, the boys played hard and we even had them on the ropes, but their numbers wore us down and we lost 8-4. Still, a great game by the Dawgs.

    Blax Lax Speed - the name fit. Very athletic team. I think we just ran out of gas. Ended up tying them.
    Overall, I would have to say this was a lot of fun. I thanked the tournament directors for giving us that schedule and allowing us the chance to play those teams. Would I do it again? You bet I would. I know the parents were proud of the way we played and enjoyed watching us play against some really strong teams. It was a great day for the Dawgs as we showed teams that we do know how to play lacrosse in Central PA. I even had one coach from another travel program tell me how badly he felt for us to have to play those teams. I told him I could not have been happier. Thank you all again for putting forth the effort and team work to show well. I will see you soon.

    Coach Newman

Fall Ball 2015 Rosters

Dawgs 1 Roster (upper classmen)          Dawgs 2 Roster (under classmen)

Practices: Starting October 4th, 2015
We will practice Sundays 1-3 pm at the grass field (50 Beagle Club Rd, Carlisle, PA). 




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Big News for Youth Lacrosse in Central PA!

The Central PA Dawgs and Shockwave Lacrosse are happy to announce that we have agreed to merge the two programs.

We were very impressed with the job the coaches at Shockwave were doing. We met with Steve Hammel and talked about what he believes makes a club stronger and we agree. It takes good coaching, honesty and the willingness to go out to every practice and try to improve. We admired the coaches of Shockwave for their dedication and commitment to the players on the teams.



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